Huntington High School Class of 63 - 40 Year Reunion
Rita and John Nye, Bruce Biggard, Roger Schenkel and Lynn Hutchinson
Gary and Diane Dilley
Mary Jo Ridgeway, Sandy Hamilton, Michele (Brinneman) Foltz, Sherry (Hiatt) Rupert, Pat Altman
Becky &  Bill Goshorn
Tammy & Hobart Schacht
Bruce Biggard, Caglar (Caglayan) Clark, Mary Jo, Mrs. Young
Jeanne & Willard Saufley, Gary & Diane, Lynn revisiting Sunken Gardens
Tom & Sherry Rupert
Mike Cook , Anne (Meier) Jones, Daphne & John Mason at the Welcome Party at Applebee's Restaurant
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Boy, that photographer must have some nerve!
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